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In the 2022 season Lubuska Szosa will be one of the events of the Polish Cup cycle.

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The Polish Cup in Cycling Ultramarathons is an initiative launched in 2016 by the organisers of the five largest long-distance events held in Poland .The main objective of the Polish Cup is to identify the best long-distance cyclists riding in cycling ultramarathons in the current season. The riders are classified in two categories - SOLO and OPEN, and the total score takes into account the points from the four best rides of a given rider.

1. The 1st edition of the Lubuska Szosa cycling ultramarathon will be held on 23-24.07.2022

2. The start will take place according to the division into starting groups for SOLO and OPEN categories from 07:000 on 23.07.2022.

3. The ultramarathon will be run over a distance of 500 km (ULTRA) and 250 km (MINI)

4. The ultramarathon route runs through the territory of the Republic of Poland. A detailed route of the ultramarathon is available in the route tab.

5. Registration for the Lubuska Szosa will start on 30.09.2021. A place on the start list is guaranteed if the registration fee is paid within a maximum of 7 days of sending the application. The starting fee should be paid in accordance with the price list below.

6. The time limit is 30 hours for the ULTRA distance and 20 hours for the MINI distance.

7. Completing Lubuska Szosa on the ULTRA distance within the time limit constitutes a qualification for the 13th edition of the Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour 1008 km non-stop ultramarathon.

8. The event is part of the Polish Cycling Ultramarathon Cup 2022.

Qualification to take part in Baltic-Bieszczady Tour

Lubuska Szosa is the last call to obtain a qualification for Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour 2022 (both marathons are only four weeks apart). The condition to obtain a pass is completing the distance of 500 km within the time limit of 30 hours.

Price list 250 km / 500 km


until 31.05 – PLN 200 / PLN 300

until 30.06– PLN 250/ PLN 350

until 15.07– PLN 300 / PLN 400


PLN 100

Polish Ultramarathon Cycling Cup

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Lubuska Szosa is a novelty in the calendar of the Polish Road Cycling Ultramarathon Cup. For beginners, taking part in our event is an ideal option to test themselves in long-distance cycling. For more experienced cyclists, on the other hand, it will be a perfect opportunity to set their own life records. This is facilitated by a fast route of 250 or 500 km to choose from. Participation in the Lubska Szosa also enables you to discover the charms of the local region, such as the country's best vineyards, dense pine forests and gentle hills.

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250 km Regulations

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